How to Prevent and Repair Sun Damaged hair

Wandering in the sweltering heat during the day can cause hair damage. It not only spoils your hair’s appearance but also internally damages it. The level of damage caused directly depends on the amount of exposure to the sun you have had. Just as we are eager to protect the skin from the sun, so should we be for the hair. Generally, it would help if you always aimed to protect yourself from the sun. You can offer protection from the sun to your hair by using healthier hair products on it. You can read about Living Proof for more information on where you can source healthier hair products. Below are essential insights on how to prevents and repair sun-damaged hair.

How to prevent hair damage from the sun

1. Accessorize Smart

One of the ways you can defend your hair from sun -damage is by wearing a hat. This way, you’ll not only be defending your hair, but you will also get a chance to add some of the latest hair trends to your wardrobe. Wearing a hat, sitting under an umbrella, or wearing a headscarf when under the sun is the best preventive care you can take to avoid hair damage from the sun. Summertime is specifically involved with lots of outdoor activities, including beach visits and workouts. These activities typically involve the hair getting potentially tangled up. Avoid tight elastics that can damage hair follicles. Also, try not to use tight topknots, which pressurize the hairline. Twist your hair and secure it using a pin or a softer style such as a braid or a low ponytail. Use your fingers to comb your hair first and detangle knots by using hair serum.

2. Avoid chemicals

Lightening your hair and the chlorine in the water in swimming pools can make the hair more vulnerable to the sun, and heat stresses in summer. Ensure that you avoid lightening treatments. Also, immediately after getting out of a chlorinated pool, ensure that you rinse your hair.

3. Use the correct conditioner for your hair

Just as diverse skin tones are susceptible to damage by the sun, so are the different hair types. The lighter and finer hair types do not have the pigment or thickness that offers hair protection from the sun. Ensure that you use a hair conditioner that is appropriate to the type and color of your hair.

How to repair sun-damaged hair

1. Go for a sulfate-free shampoo

Shampoos tend to have sulfate as a common ingredient. However, it is essential to be careful as sulfate strips hair off beneficial oils, negatively affecting your hair.

2. Rinse with cold water

After conditioning and washing your locks, use cold water to rinse them. This helps in sealing the hair cuticle, which locks the much-needed moisture that is acquired from conditioning.

3. Regularly go for a hair trim

One of the key ways to maintain shiny hair is by getting rid of split ends. This is particularly effective when you got hair that is damaged by heat. By cutting the ends, you will get rid of a majority of the parts of your hair that are damaged.

4. Try a DIY avocado mask

Avocado blended with oil is a great ingredient that offers hair nutrients. This helps to make the hair shinier and the ends less frazzled.

5. After swimming, ensure that you wash your hair

Avoid leaving your hair with chlorine after swimming, as chlorine has the effect of drying your hair more. Before sunbathing, wash your hair to prevent it from further damage.

6. Try Warm coconut oil

Heating coconut oil till it liquefies consistently is an excellent natural repair for your hair. Run coconut oil in the ends of your hair and avoid the roots as much as possible to prevent greasy-looking hair.

7. For dark hair, use black tea

If you find the dark color of your hair looking dull, using dark tea to rinse it will help to bring back the color that the sun has taken away.

8. Before getting exposed to the sun, apply a deep conditioner to your hair

If you are heading for some outdoor activity, avoid worsening the damage that the sun will have on your hair by rubbing on some conditioner before you get out.

9. Use aloe vera

Aloe Vera is mainly linked to skincare, but its repairing effects are also beneficial to the hair. Apply aloe vera to your hair and permit it to revive and soothe your hair.

In conclusion, hair care is an essential aspect of our well-being. This article recognizes this, and above are tips to avoid and prevent hair damage.

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